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4th Flimwell Rally 2005


It was touch and go whether we did a Flimwell rally this year for no other reason than

with so much going on we nearly never had a spare weekend and were running out of time!  After some cajoling Sybil finally set the date and aren’t we glad she did.  Once again it was a good turnout of about 35 people and it is always good to have an Indian get-together, talk about bikes and generally catch up with friends.  Some of us arrived Friday afternoon and as usual Mike and Sybil were already set up with a welcoming beverage.  We really needed that log fire after supper as Friday night turned out to be very cold.  So it was wine and beer and a good old pow-wow with Fred and Penny having no problem finding their wine glasses in the dark as they were illuminated (the glasses, not Fred and Penny).  

Saturday dawned dry and bright and after a hearty breakfast, the ride out left headed towards Pevensey. Bruce and Steph were with their Harley and sidecar and it was good to see another lady rider taking part as Jo joined the ride out on her Triumph Tiger Cub.  After liquid refreshments at a seafront pub in Pevensey the ride-out called in at Robertsbridge Classic Bikes and returned by mid afternoon.   

Fred Woodgate organised some silly games that tested riding skills, earned points and points meant prizes which were awarded to the lucky winners in the evening.  We had a lot of laughs and all the participants put in a lot of effort so thanks to them all for being good sports and thanks to Fred as well.  After dinner it was time to open the champagne and cut the birthday cake (made by Penny), as Peter was 40 years young-we decided against giving him the bumps! and the celebrations continued on into the wee small hours.  

On Sunday morning after breakfast there was another ride out for those who did not have to get away too early.  Yet again it was another successful Flimwell Rally and so thanks to Sybil for saying “yes” and please can we do it again next year……

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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