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Indian International Rally - Denmark 2003


It was Sam “October” Savage who asked me if I was going to Denmark for the rally. Having been to the Swedish Rally in 1996 and remembering just how far it was, it took a while to decide, but as I am nearing retirement and remembering the words of a friend of my father, if an opportunity arises to do something out of the ordinary, do it, you will probably have lots of time to sit and think how you wished you had done this and done that.

 Sam had taken four days holiday so we could leave Wednesday evening to catch the ferry from Dover. Our route would take us through France‑Belgium‑Holland‑Germany ‑Denmark. By dawn on Thursday we were in Germany driving through a low lying mist which made the countryside look eerie. The traffic was getting pretty heavy so we decided to stop for coffee. 9.45am Thursday, I think Sam’s asleep between the bikes and would I stop talking or was it shut the ‑‑­up so I can get some sleep. It’s been raining quite hard, but we are making reasonable time, some 90km from Hamburg. Trucks can’t use the outside lane two lanes only so we have to keep driving into the suicide lane to overtake the slower trucks. We hope to make the rally site by late afternoon. I could really use a shower and I know Sam could too!  It will be interesting to see how the Danish Rally pans out and what you get for your £50, maybe pick up some ideas for our own Horsham event in 2004.

Sam still asleep, Mind you I have tried to write this very quietly. I’d like to have something to eat, but Sam’s lying very close to the plastic goody bag so in the interest of good relations, I will go hungry!

 Thursday 2.30pm. Arrived at the rally site which was well away from any town or village. Nice club house with many out-buildings, toilets, showers etc. Looks like they have done their homework, they are fortunate in having the Morton motor‑cycle club to use with almost unlimited help from their club members who manned the continuous food and drink outlets‑ not expensive‑ coffee was free all weekend. Breakfast was typical Continental, sliced meats, cheese, bread, coffee, tea, as much as you liked.

CAR PARK LEFT.gif (1490564 bytes)

Views from the half   way stop.

CAR PARK CENTRE.gif (306238 bytes)

On the  Saturday ride out.

CAR PARK RIGHT.gif (343585 bytes)

From the Viking ship at Ebeltoft

ROBIN RACE PANTS.gif (225159 bytes)

Robin Oakley winning 1st prize on the drag strip.  Shame he had to take his clothes off again

PUSHBIKE RACE.gif (292836 bytes)

Two jokers on the dragstrip - not sure which one won.


YELLOW CHEIF RACE.gif (158129 bytes)

Another drag strip competitor on his chief.


The ride out is for 11am sharp no fuel stops so we will need to fill up before the off.

1Iam. Away for the ride out, weather threatening rain, destination Ebeltoft to see the frigate Jylland made from wood with sails and steam power built about 1860. The armament appeared to be from the 1780s. Interesting.

The ride back was in your own time and groups of five or six would leave as best they could due to the traffic being so heavy. Once into the country however it was like England in the 50s, nice.

4pm.  Drag racing an all Indian event except for a demonstration from two of the top in Denmark. Our own Robin Oakley was entered in the 741 class. His first run was an excellent time of 12.30sec.There was quite a lot of laughter from the crowd as he came up to the start line complete with leather pannier bags, probably containing heavy spares and tools, a large windscreen and wearing a large flying jacket. I can’t swear to it but I believe he made a better time than Tony Leens on his special which didn’t appear to run properly.  I believe Robin’s second run was quite something. Not for the speed, but he stripped down to underpants, boots and helmet. Not a pretty sight, but a good laugh. Oddly enough his second run was slower than his first, something to do with wheel-spin. Well done Robin.

Jon had some fun but missed a gear or two. Brave man considering he was relying on the bike to get him back home.

Saturday evening: Music went on until late as is the norm. Fridays’ group I thought were better.

Sunday 7.30am: Weather overcast, showered, had breakfast then it started raining. We hope to be packed and up and away by 10am. We say our goodbyes and are away in the rain and low cloud. Both wishing we didn’t have to drive the 800 miles it will take us to get home. We make good time to Holland and decide to stop overnight at a Motel near Eindhoven. A few beers and kip. Arrived home 8.30pm Monday evening.

Looking back over this very first International Rally Ove Jensen and team have done very well putting a tremendous amount of work into the organisation, making  it one of the best I’ve been to.

So all in all a very enjoyable four days.

Statistics:  340 paying participants, 140 Indian Motorcycles, distance driving 2654km.

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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