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We have started this page to see how many Pictures of original Indian Dealerships we can come up with.  Hopefully a before and after shot, one of the shop as it was way back in the 1900's and another of how the shop/building looks today.


First dealer we have is Wells Indian Dealership.  They had two premises, one was 168-202 Great Portland Street, London.  This was occupied from approximately 1908.  The other address was their new address of 368 Euston Road.  As you can see the Euston Road address has been rebuilt with a 1970's office block, but we do have an old advertisement showing the premises as they should have looked, complete with the title of "Indian House"   

178great-portland-street.jpg (100147 bytes) 

168-202 Great Portland Street


  awaiting photo

368euston-road.jpg (106062 bytes) 

368 Euston Road



euston road old.jpg (159921 bytes) Old Advert for

Indian House, 368 Euston Road



Secondly we have a photo of the former Claude Rye emporium in Fulham Road, London.  They occupied nearly the whole parade of shops.  They sold their entire stock of Indian parts to the American Motorcycle Register some time in the 'sixties. The advertisement is from the 1955 telephone directory.


claude-rye.jpg (70454 bytes)

Fulham Road




If anyone can help out with original photos or any information on the history of these, or any other, dealerships, please contact me at  I am sure there will be lots of people interested.  


Photos by kind donation of Andy Donald  



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