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What a motley crew! 

top left-right: Eddie Baines, Rod Williams, Fred "Mr March" Weare, Anita Dray, Mark Alexander, Stuart Alexander, John Hayes, Fred Woodgates, Bruce Methven, Stephenie Methven, Brian Barrett, Andy Donald, Ray Chriss,

Grant Shortland

Grant Shortland's 1947 Indian Chief with 1951 80cu Engine

Dave Bunting

Dave Bunting - 1946 Indian Chief

Shaun Gibbons

Shaun Gibbons - Indian 750cc Sport Scout

Myke Staton

Myke Staton (and Grandson) - 1948 Indian Chief & Sidecar

Myke Staton

Myke Staton's - 1940 Indian Sport Scout

Myke Staton

Myke Staton's - 1942 Indian Four


Andy Townsend

Andy Townsend- 1946 Indian Chief

Vera Townsend

Vera Townsend- 1947 Indian Chief and new 2015 Indian Scout

Dominic Joyce

Dominic Joyce's 1940 Indian Chief

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly - 1935 Indian Chief

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly's - 1952 Indian Roadmaster Chief

Andy Warner

Andy Warner- 1948 Indian Chief

Kevin Wilkinson

Kevin Wilkinson- 1930 Indian 101

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly - 1937 Indian Sport Scout

Snowy Ingles

Snowy Ingles - 1947 Indian Chief

Tom Winters

Tom Winters - 1945 Indian Chief

Ron Wells

Ray Cummings - 1934 Indian Chief

Ron Wells

Bill Phelps - Indian Scout

Peter Thomas

Pter Thomas - 1942 Indian 741B

Peter Thomas

Anna Baines - 1938 Indian Chief

Alan Mercer

Alan Mercer - 1927 Wall of Death Indian Scout


Calvin Jones- Indian Bobber

Ron Wells

Ron Wells - 1934 Indian Standard Scout

Ron Wells

Dylan Blenkinsop - 1942 Indian 750cc Bobber

Mike Woolley

Mike Woolley - 1940 Indian 750cc Sport Scout Racer

Mike Woolley

Cheryl Challis - 1941 Indian 741b

b1.JPG (37929 bytes)

Mark Alexander & Stuart Alexander astride their Indian military 741B's


          Simon Roud Simon Roud - 1928 Indian 101


anna caryll 101.jpg (139799 bytes)

Roy Arthur- 1920's Indian Scout


Mike Debidaph.jpg (144468 bytes)

Mike Debidaph on his 1937 Indian Four

b1.JPG (37929 bytes)

Snowy on his 2003 Indian Chief



Jim Cuddihy - 1953 Indian Chief


Roly Van Gesel - Indian Brave

b1.JPG (37929 bytes)


Roger Ennis - Indian Brave

b1.JPG (37929 bytes)


Tracy Bratby - Harley Sportster

b1.JPG (37929 bytes)


Martin Bratby - 1937 Indian Chief

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Barry Davis' 2003 Indian Scout

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Anita Dray - 1948 Indian Chief

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Jo Lakey - Triumph 350 Cub

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Tim Raindle - Indian 101 Scout

b1.JPG (37929 bytes)


John Hill - Harley Electra Glide

Jo O'Toole

Jo O'Toole - 1947 Indian Chief


Clive Brandon

Clive Brandon - 1941 Indian 741B in military trim


Leigh Butler

Leigh Butler's 1928 Indian Scout


Geoff Eyre

Geoff Eyre - 1941 Indian 741B

Andy Murray


Andy Murray - 1942 Indiand 741b

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Cool Dude, Nobby Melrose, on his Customised Drifter

Stuart Chief.jpg (108110 bytes)

Stuart Alexander - 1941 Indian Chief

Jeffreys Chief.jpg (108472 bytes)

Tony & Linda Jeffrey - 1944 Indian Chief

Henri P.jpg (141655 bytes) 

Henri Pederson - 1953 Chief

Anna Knuckle

Anna Baines - Harley 1200 Knuckle

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Rick Haiden's 1942 Indian 741b - nicknamed Passing Wind

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Graham Jeffery's 1937 Indian Chief

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Phil Wright - 1942 Indian Sport Scout

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Ron Pier's - 1940's Indian 741b in military trim

Nobby Clark.jpg (113332 bytes)

Roger & Marilyn Ennis - 1940's Indian Four

Tim H.jpg (135361 bytes)

Tim Hanscomb - 1942 Chief


Ian H.jpg (60170 bytes)

Ian Hatton -1919 Power Plus & Chair


Kate H.jpg (74702 bytes)

Kate Hatton - Junior Scout "minnie"

Ken l.jpg (122275 bytes)

Ken Lee - Very White, 1927 Ace

Tim H.jpg (135361 bytes)

Kevin Gilbert - 1942 Indian 741B


TIM BALL 1.jpg (463362 bytes)

Tim Ball - 1947 Indian Chief

JESS BAMFORD.jpg (394861 bytes)

Jess Bamford - 1940 Indian 440 Four

claude and roly.jpg (191283 bytes)

Claude & Roly Van Gysel on a borrowed Indian 741B with sidecar     

allan wall 2.jpg (164466 bytes)

Allan Ford riding his wall of death, not so long ago

allan wall 2.jpg (164466 bytes)Alan Mercer - 1927 Wall of Death Indian Scout

Very moody shot of John Chatterton's Scout.

Sam Lee on his new Royal Enfield - nice.

Anna Baines with a 1958 Pony


Mr & Mrs De-Bidaphe aboard their 1934 Indian 4 and new sidecar


Wayne Johnson- 1948 Indian Chief


sam & tony.jpg (125398 bytes)

Dave Osbourne - 1940 Indian Sport Scout

ed dtow.jpg (204418 bytes)

Eddie Bains on his 1938 Indian Dispatch Tow

Paul P.jpg (108043 bytes)

Paul Preston - 1942 741b

Ed Chief.jpg (24373 bytes)

Eddie Bains on his 1953 Indian Chief

Ian Patton

Ian Patton & his 1928 Indian 101 Scout

BRIAN BARRETT.jpg (96650 bytes)

Brian Barrett - Indian Chief

KEITH BIRD.jpg (139400 bytes)

Keith Bird - 1942 Indian 741B

RAY CHRISS.jpg (94355 bytes)

Ray Chriss - 1929 Indian 101

Peter R.jpg (110032 bytes)

Peter Reeves - 1939 Indian Four

Paul Butler

Paul Rutter - Indian Chief Bobber

frank grassi.jpg (68030 bytes)

Frank Grassi 1992 on Sam Lee's racer


Frank Nuber Indian 1990.jpg (37596 bytes)
Frank Nuber - his first encounter with his Sport Scout at Timmermanns in Berlin in September 90.. the Indian looked old, and gee did he look young....




Frank Nuber Indian 2003.jpg (32005 bytes)
Frank Nuber -  1940 Sport Scout in front of an old petrol station, taken in October 2003... the Indian looks young, and gee does he look old....




John Kneebone.JPG (116660 bytes)

John Kneebone - 1942 Indian 741B Military


PJ - Indian Big Chief

fred weare.jpg (120715 bytes)

Fred Weare - 1942 Indian 741 military

penny weare.jpg (116512 bytes)

Penny Weare - Indian board racer

Calvin servicar.jpg (96803 bytes)

Calvin Underwood on Eddie Baines' dispatch tow

Tony C.jpg (108801 bytes)

Tony Collinson - 20's scout special

sam & tony.jpg (125398 bytes)

Sam Lee & Tony Leenes

anna caryll 101.jpg (139799 bytes)

Anna Baines with her Indian 101 and Caryll Chriss 

anna caryll 101.jpg (139799 bytes)

Cliff - 1919 Powerpojus

Greg Quail 1.jpg (69637 bytes)

Greg Quail - Kawasaki Drifter VN1500cc

chris 3.jpg (124419 bytes)

Chris Rix - 1941 Indian Chief

tony & linda 1.jpg (136589 bytes)

Tony & Linda Jeffrey - Indian Brave

Phil Clark.jpg (114825 bytes)

Phil Clark - 1946 Indian Chief

Ron & Val.jpg (91925 bytes)

Ron & Val Wells - Indian Chief

JOHN CHATTERTON 2.jpg (138855 bytes)

John & Jan Chatterton - 1938 Indian dispatch tow

PETER 2.jpg (107585 bytes)

Peter Hall - 1942 Harley WLA

Russel C.jpg (105423 bytes)

Russell Chitty - 1940's Harley WLA

40 Chief at Brands Hatch.jpg (22359 bytes)

Fred Woodgates - 1940 Indian Chief

SHACKLOCKS.jpg (139549 bytes)

Bob & Cheryl Shacklock - Indian Chief

john w.jpg (58153 bytes)

John White - Indian Chief



Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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