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Indian Riders Autumn Rally - Kenley 2016

August Bank Holiday Weekend.
After booking half a day off work, we planned our trip to Kenley Airfield for the Indian Riders Autumn Rally on the Friday.
After finishing work at 10.15am, I left work and started the six hour trip to the rally site.  I had packed the van and loaded Lorraine's Viragos, one for her and one for Kerry. As I was getting the chief ready for my granddaughters wedding (complete with sidecar), I didn't have a bike to ride.
On arrival, I was feeling a little tired, but after being offered a beer from Snowy, that soon past.  Sybil had been busy all day cooking food for everyone, so a big thank you for that.  Lorraine warmed it up on the BBQ and we all ate.  After tea we broke off into little groups and began to party.  I opted for the club house, where I was joined by Roy, Cliff, Snowy, Martyn, Bootsie and a few others.  After a sing along and a few beers, time had flown by, I think it was midnight before I left them all to it for my bed.  From what I've heard, a little drunk (3 steps forward, 2 steps back and 1 sideways). It must have been a long walk to the van.
As always, I was one of the first to get up.  Kerry beating me to it this time by being the first. After cooking breakfast for everyone I was asked if I wanted to borrow Martyn’s Sunbeam for the ride out, which I accepted.  At around 11 o'clock we all set off on the ride-out for Krazy Horse Motorcycle Shop.  Nice ride, and uneventful, which is unusual.  A big thank you to Carl and Pauline for being our road captains.
On arrival, we had tea and biscuits, laid on by Paul Welch from the shop (Thank You Paul) and we mooched around the bikes and clothing and memorabilia. Lined the pavement outside the shop with the club bikes and left a few oil patches to mark our pitches.
The ride to the shop went without a hitch, I wasn't so lucky on the way home.  Less than a mile from the shop the bike cut out and rolled to a stop.  After Martyn checked it over he found it wasn't charging and the result was a flat battery.  Pete swapped his charged Harley battery and off we went again.  It wasn't long before I rolled to a halt again.  On inspection the fuel tap was off?  A few choice words and being called a “Wanker” (editor: must be a club member then!) off we went again, only to stop again a short way up the road.  Yes, fuel was off again.  It must be my fault!
We all finally managed to get back to the airfield, (editor: albeit in two groups with the other breakdown, punctured rear tyre having to stop more often than the rouge fuel tap, causing some traffic issues with a string of oily hot vintage bikes) .  Martyn began to work on his bikes (fuel tap and puncture) as he was riding one of them on Sunday hopefully.

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Phil Clark, in his absence, was democratically elected to cook the evening meal on the BBQ.  He did a grand job, very nice it was to.  After the BBQ and the rigours of the day, I was feeling a little pooped, especially after the journey down on Friday.  So I went to bed and left the group to party.
Sunday morning arrived and, yes I cooked breakfast again.  It was then the job of loading the three bikes for our trip home.  A few were staying on and went for another ride-out.  I believe there were a few break-downs including Martin on his Sunbeam (petrol tap turning off on it's own and the charging system – who is the wanker now?).  Better luck next time Martyn, but I am glad it was not me.
Kenley is a great site, very relaxed and the club house is very accommodating.  The on-site bar is a welcome bonus and we always have a great time there.  Thanks to all that helped with the organisation.
That’s all folks - till the next time. Be good and ride safe.
All the best

Bill Herbert Lorraine Herbert

Bill & Lorraine

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Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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