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Iwerne Minster 2016


Off to the Indian Riders Spring Meet at Iwerne Minster in Dorset.  I set off from my home in Dursley, Gloucestershire on the Thursday around midday & took a picturesque journey across country, avoiding the towns & cities, heading towards Dorset in glorious sunshine.  I called into the Tesco's at Shaftesbury on the way to get some much needed provisions:  hotdog, rolls, onions & sauces.  I received a text to say “where are you, we're here?” from Anita.  Best get my skates on now…

On arrival I meet up with three lovely people with a greeting that said it all, welcome & nice to see you from Linda. Anita & Paramedic Pete (Indian Rescue & Mechanic) with a beer in hand & one for me, brilliant and a great start to the weekend. 

Not many other's arrived that evening, I couldn’t  believe it, when late at night the heavens opened & down came the rain & it didn't stop until Saturday morning,  Yep, that’s a day and a night constant..

On the Friday Pete had a look at my chief, as it wasn't running quite right.  He showed me about setting the timing up & a few other things.  What a brilliant guy to have around, Thank you Pete.
A few more members started to pull in midway through the day.  We were told by a couple of village visitors to go steady in the field, it was a bit soft in the middle with all the rain during the winter.  We were informed the highlight of a local gathering was a Stanley steam car getting stuck right in the centre of the field.  Not to be outdone by a Stanley, one of our members said he could do better (or should I say our Chairman) no names mentioned Mr Woodgates but when you get stuck you do it good and proper.  Where he sunk he stayed till Sunday, when a very friendly local guy in a 4x4 cam and gave him a tug out of the rut he had dug,
The ride out was arranged by Ron Pier, our head honcho and ably assisted by Brad and Chris our outriders.  It was arranged to leave about what ever 0 clock, but it wasn't on time, it’s an Indian ride we never are.  Good job too, we were lining the bike's up and we had a visitor arrive on a bright red Indian.  A I drew closer it wasn’t an Indian but a Lambretta scooter.  The rider was a local guy called Spundy, a mod and a really nice guy too.  He was invited to come on the ride out by Brad and he did and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  We all had a good ride out, visiting a nearby pub for coffee and then on to a deserted village, complete with old buildings, churches and school houses.  The inhabitants of the village were requested to leave during the war so the military could use it for defence purposes.  They were never allowed back.  Whilst there we met up with a couple riding the new 1200 scout's.  They followed us back to the clubhouse, where everyone admired the new machines and tried them out for size.  Frew W looked good on them but couldn't find the kick start He, He.

Spundy (of Lambretta fame) came & shook my hand & most other's to say how honoured he was to have ridden with the Indian Rider's.  He said he wouldn't have missed an opportunity like that, at least there wasn’t any bike chain's flying or knuckle dusters appearing.  He, He, We're all motorcyclists.

The food was brill; I had breakfast in bed one morning, served by Mr Herbert. What a gentleman & not forgetting the other's that rallied round to help each other.

What a lovey weekend it had been,  I would like to thank all who made me feel that I had an extension to my family & they know who there are.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Indian Snowy Snowy


Iwerne Minster, what a blast.
We left Plymouth in the rain and arrived in the rain.  On arrival we saw our best friends Anita, Pete, Linda and Snowy. After a few beers we were joined by Su and Fred.  At this point may I apologise to Fred and Su for my dog’s behaviour towards Elvis.  Hope you’re ok as well Fred. 
We all retired to the club house to keep out of the rain and more beer and wine.  As the evening went on Tim, Chris and Ron arrived, followed by Murry and Rat and a few new faces.  11.30pm arrived, time for bed in the hope there may be some dry weather to come.
When I woke up the sun was shining through the window of the van, result.  Tim, Ron and Chris organised the ride out, across the ranges to a dis-used village that was vacated during the war, the villagers weren’t allowed back after it ended.  See photos. 
Had a great day out.  On return to camp we had a few beers before tea.  After that we headed off down to the pub for live music and a sing along for Rat’s birthday,  77 years young.  It was soon bed time as we had to leave in the morning.
Thanks to all of you that came.  Hope you had a great time.
Bill HerbertBill Herbert









Indian Motocycles - you can't wear them out                                  Indian Motocycles - built to last  
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