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Just wanted to say thank you to Phil Clarke and Ken Lee, for all their work and research, to provide me with a dating certificate.
It's the most professional and informative certificate I've seen, and it prompted DVLA to register my Indian 4, at last !

Ivor Forward, United Kingdom   17th September 2023

Slightly non-standard, supercharged 741B. I ran her at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last year & broke the class record. I have another 741B with a NOS engine, a sort of “Bobber” with leaf spring girders, but totally home made. I also have a daughter of 25, her middle name is Hendee. Pictures are of the same bike. I like Indians.

Chris Ireland Chris Ireland Chris Ireland Chris Ireland

Chris Ireland, United Kingdom    23rd June 2018

Could Dieter Rudolph, who rode for the wall of death rider, Frankie Todd, please contact me.  Frankie was my cousin so I wondered whether you could email me. I saw your message to Debbie Todd some years ago. Ann Wright (born Ann Todd)

Ann Wright, United Kingdom    26th February 2018

Hi at long last after many, many, years driving harleys you know that scotish/irish invention, ha ha,   I purchessed my 2001 chief last week, superb.

can you advise of how many members Scotland, Ireland so i can meet for run /chat ,,thanks

Des, United Kingdom    23rd September 2014

I last had a very brief ride on a 1951 80 cube Indian Chief in 1984. Thirty years later, I got a ride on the new Indian Chief with the 111 cube motor. Still grinning. Maybe not a ‘real’ Indian to many, but these new models are lovely to ride. Really lovely to ride. 

Just in case it is any use, a pic of the Chieftain’s dash plus overall shots with a Victory in the background plus the Chieftain for those who want to see the alternative tank decal used.  

Chief Dash New Indian

James de Havilland, England   16th June 2014

Hi all,

Looking forward to playing at your 2015 bash at Prescott Hill Next year... Check us out at

Gaz Le Bass, England   13th February 2014


I am looking for an Indian Brave, Arrow or a Scout in decent running order to buy. Based in London. Please get in touch if you have one for sale. Contact me at

Anubhav, England   8th October 2012


Does anyone have, or know of anyone selling an Indian ME100, I'd be interested in purchasing one. Please contact me on 07813099640. Cheers

Andy, North East England   14th January 2012

Does anybody of you know where the Indian Chief Snowmobile (similar to the one on the attached picture), that was offered in ebay UK a few years ago went? I missed the auction back then and with that much snow over here in the Alps I start getting interested in it again! I am just curious about it – am interested in any information on where it when, what the current owner does with it and in case it is for sale I also concider buying it!

Florian Gsottbauer, Vienna    9th January 2012


I mailed a link to some photos from the MGP this year.  Please feel free to use the photos.  No guarantee that the link will stay alive for long!

many thanks

Danny Kneale, Isle of Man     25th September 2011

still a great web site waneta. hows your gas mileage??

Brian "Rat" Barrett     20th June 2011

I was working with Eddie Baines when he got his first Indian, and went to a show at a hop farm in Kent. glad to see ya looking good buddy boy

Mark Dixon     4th June 2011


We are owners of Indian Scout 45 1928 and we ask to contact other owners of the same machine

Kind regards

Belletti & Giovannone, Italy     21st October 2010

Hi, great site... Very informative...
I would be delighted with any assistance find my first Indian to buy... Circa 2000 or there about. Not a vintage... Keep up the great work...

Nigel, England      nigelevenden@hotmail.comt     16th April 2010

Always enjoy seeing what's happening in the Indian World on the other side of the pond.

Bought a new Chief Vintage in September that I'm enjoying a lot....cheers.

Michael J Dart, South Florida, USA     3rd February 2010


Great pictures and Club. Where can I find an Indian same as Geoff Eyres's bike  but in Military or black  color. What is the best site for looking to buy a 1941  741B Indian.

Amrik Parmar, England     10th February 2009

I am trying to track down an Indian motorcycle that my dad had in the 50's. The registration number is GVU 134. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this machine I would appreciate if they got in touch

Colin Blakley, England     19th January 2009

Hello to the club officials. 

What an excellently Internet site it now is! I hope that one day i m an Indian owner and , you can be sure I will visit the Internet site frequently.

Jacques, Belgium              28th November 2008

Hello all,

May I take the liberty to 'plug' my own website with you?

It is

And do have a look at : 'van Ginneke on Wheels' I hope you enjoy it.

Vincent van Ginneke, Belgium              14th September 2008

Hi. My name is Daniel from Melbourne Australia. I thought you might like these photos for your gallery. This is one of my chiefs that i restored. Cheers Daniel

Daniel1 Daniel2

Daniel, Australia              21st August 2008

Message to Debbie, United Kingdom. Her posting 22nd November 2004 

Now it so happens that I worked on Debbie's Dad's Wall of Death in Barry, South Wales. I would love to make contact with Debbie and tell her about my time with her Dad. Frank Todd married the Daughter of the Crane Family and Debbie must be the result.

From your records would you be able to dig out a contact detail for Debbie or ask her to e-mail me direct. I actually saw Frank Todd's wall in use in Hamburg not long ago and one of the INDIAN Bikes Frank used was still in use by the new owners. That's over 50 years later and when Frank used it in the 1950' it was certainly not new then.

Would be grateful and I am sure Debbie would be ever so thrilled to hear direct from me

Dieter Rudolph, Leicestershire             28th December 2007

Hi, At last !! I've found other Indian owners in UK. Can someone help me ?? I have just imported a 2003 Roadmaster and waiting for a Msva appointment, i would like to get her through the test first time and don't fully understand what has to be tested, my main concern is the exhaust noise (i think it has a standard 2 into 1 straight through that is well loud ) Can i just put insulation tape in the right place on the headlight as you do when driving abroad ?
I met two Indian riders at Sunday's bike jumble near Woodchurch who told me their were two main Indian clubs in GB, one lot were a bunch of W.nke.s and the other lot were a bigger bunch of i was so pleased to at last find not only one but two groups of like minded folk. I hope to see you at Flimwell and join your club (If you'll have me).

Ivor, East Sussex              19th September 2007

You have a lovely web site. Here are  photos of my Indians , a 43' Scout and a 47' Chief . I would be an honor if you could include them in your gallery.

Photo one Photo two Photo three

Scott Meeker, Oklahoma, USA                  29th July 2007

The INDIAN MOTOCYCLE must be the elite of all classic bikes, I saw a pair of Indian Twin bikes in the new forest last summer, these bikes etched a place in my heart, I would love to own one, but I dont think that will happen I will just have to potter around on my Honda Shadow, wishing it was an Indian. All you owners are very LUCKY people.

Many thanks Stephen Floyd                  17th July 2007

Well Done - Brilliant Website

Brian "Rat" Barrett , United Kingdom                     25th February 2007

Just came acros your website.  After returning to NZ a year ago (from Holland), your site brings back memories of all the great times we’ve shared on European rally’s with John, Jess, Robin, Ray (upside down head), Mike and all you other crazy english, who kept us laughing many a night.  Hope to see you in NZ sometime!

John  & Miryam  Denny , New Zealand                      29th August 2005

I would like to thank you all on behalf of my friend (Kawasaki 1100) and my self (Harley 1200 sportster) for a very enjoyable and friendly weekend 3-5/6/05. The food was great and so was the company.  It only took me 7 hours to get back home pulling 95 with a big grin. 
Hope to meet up again

Ian, United Kingdom                                            7th June 2005

Hopefully one day in the near future I will own my own indian ,I currently ride a bmw cruiser which is great , but nothing compares to the real thing

Vincent, United Kingdom                               31st March 2005

This is just a personal opinion. But the sound of a nice turquoise 47 CHIEF would sound absolutely fabulous. Any way great web site.    Happy Trails

Arrowhead,  United Kingdom                   10th March 2005  


My Dad rode Indians on a Wall of Death in the fifties and sixties.  His name was Frank Todd and he rode with his dad and uncles at the Olympia Festival of Britain.

He then rode for Kitty and Pitt in Munich before buying his own Wall.  Good website.

Debbie,  United Kingdom                            22nd November 2004  

Hello thought I would share a photo of my restored 47 chief. Not stock colors but beautiful anyway!
Glenn Scanlon USA                   15th November 2004 Glenn Ind 5.jpg (107201 bytes)
Fantastic website – I’ve been looking for years to get more information in UK. Membership applied for, if anybody
has an old Indian for sale let me know. enthusiastic to get Indian biking!

Jonathan, UK                                             24th May 2004

What a great website.  Now I'm determined to get that neglected old 741 Scout (bought from you Mike over 30 years ago) out from under the piles of junk in the corner of the garage and back on the road before I'm too old to ride it ! 

Peter Gibson, Uxbridge                           14th April 2004

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Web site.  Has made me even more determined to own a great bike.  A friend owns one here in NZ & i just love it.  priorities getting in the way but ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!  Keep up the great work & ride free.   Envious as..........                        

Claude Burnside NEW ZEALAND             30th January 2004

Hallo to the club officials !
What an excellent website it now is! Although a trifle far-off, I shall be following the Club news with interest. 

Bill (Fremantle)..

PS , the calendar has caused a lot of merriment and smiles , and that can't be bad. Good luck with the fund raising.                                                           10th December 2003
great web page - excellent changes in the recent days - I was watching it from time to time. Keep it so.
muchomorek   8th December 2003
Hi every body
good site,  good storys, hope to see you all soon
Rolly and Claude    Belguim                            6th November 2003
great web page, thoroughly enjoyed having a look around. You can be
sure I will frequently check it for updates.....
Frank (England / Germany)
PS.: I am not quite as old as I look....                                29th October 2003
Pretty smart website !!!!!.  I like the er  Har    No Indian sound track. Keep up the good work.  You never know I may some day get an Indian.
Nick...................U.K.                                            14th September 2003
Hi from Miami Florida USA
Great calendar those guys are super to do it for charity. Wonderful site.
Safe riding
Andrea                                                                  4th September 2003

Excellent website, probably the best Indian website on the net,  which is only right for the best bike on the road

if the club is half as good ...its a winner
Keith..............U.K                                           1st September 2003
Well done on a brilliant website. it makes me want to own an Indian now .......... let's see what happens when I take my next test...
Norma......Great Britain                                              
21st August 2003




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